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 Duck hunt tattoo (courtesy geekytattoos.com)

Duck, duck, goose. A game wherein children learn the art of picking the slow, dumpy kid. A lesson learned by proponents of civilian disarmament. “Federal law prohibits me from having more than three shells in my shotgun when I’m duck hunting. Federal law provides more protection for the ducks than it does for citizens.” See what California Rep. Mike Thompson did there? He’s encouraging hunters to think of Americans as sitting ducks. Home of the Brave that. Anyway, never mind. “Assault rifles” have been outselling traditional shotguns and rifles by a margin of five to one (or more) for almost a decade. Handguns have been outselling long guns for more than four years. And all this talk of gun bans is goosing sales. So if that’s their best shot, we can outlast the bastards. Meanwhile . . .

Act in haste, repent at leisure.

Wikipedia: “Private citizens are generally restricted to semi-automatic handguns or revolvers of a caliber no greater than .380 (for home defense).” 17 Bodies Found in Well in Mexico laht.com

U.S. Marine teaches a local how to get slide bite (courtesy marinecorpstimes.com)

The biggest trial balloon in recent history? Women in infantry ‘not a foregone conclusion’ marinecorpstimes.com

I don’t think that means what he thinks it means. Gen. Allen: Afghans will be ready for takeover marinecorpstimes.com

With New York’s SAFE Act making it unsafe for Empire State guns and ammo manufacturers, Remington Arms getting ready to bail even as the Freedom Group’s getting ready to bail on Remington Arms.

Fair and balanced. No really. Armed ‘Good Guys’ And The Realities Of Facing A Gunman npr.org

SPHINX Compact (courtesy lauraburgess.com)

Switzerland’s SPHINX 9mm Subcompact (above) fashioned from “aeronautic grade aluminum with Teflon inserts and a lower frame from a specially formulated polymer that is resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.” $1295

wired.com joins the President of the United States and the rest of the media in forgetting to remember the Fort Hood massacre.

One of the most striking patterns about U.S. mass killings is visible only through its absence. Terrorists aren’t committing these crimes. Ordinary, unhinged American men are. That’s despite an inability for federal law enforcement to track stockpiled firearms and literally years of al-Qaida sympathizers and propagandists urging disaffected U.S. Muslims to rise up against their neighbors.

Anti-gun agit-prop to go. “His former campaign apparatus, re-cast as Organizing for America, has indicated its operation will advocate for Obama’s gun platform. A recent email to the group’s wide email list asked supporters to “stand with President Obama in tackling this critical issue.” Obama to take gun agenda on the road  politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com 


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46 Responses to Daily Digest: DDG

  1. avatarC says:

    Re: Giffords. I had a filling once. Am i a dentist now?

    • avatarDerek says:

      You sure are. How do you think I became an expert on cars and traffic laws? I got ran over in a crosswalk, that’s how.

  2. avatarThomas Paine says:

    Not to sound insensitive, but if i got hit by a car, would i become an expert witness for car safety? All these pathos oriented arguments really piss me off.

    • avatarFred says:

      That’s really the sick part of it all. Feinstein and McCarthy would not be permitted on any jury in a case involving gun violence because they would fail the impartiality test, yet they are the main proponents of anti-gun legislation. They have both admitted they just want to “make sure it never happens to anyone else” so we know it’s all run by emotions. Feinstein has also commented that politicians need to “do what’s right” and not “worry about being reelected”. I’m sorry if representatives are listening to the people that elected them, isn’t that their job? Feinstein and McCarthy think they know better than the American people, they don’t know my needs, with their emotional blocks they probably don’t even know their own. They should probably stop for a moment and count the number of guns that follow them around all day.

      They can’t decide the fate of a single individual in court why are they allowed to decide the fate of the entire country?

      • avatarJMS says:

        I’m sorry but what makes you think it’s a Representative’s job to actually represent his/her constituency? It’s not like it’s the actual name of their position or anything.

      • avatarpat says:

        I know women should be allowed to vote and all, but, Their emotionalism and communal utopian groupthink really are damaging to the Rupublic.

      • avatarAnonymous says:

        > I know women should be allowed to vote and all,
        > but, Their emotionalism and communal utopian
        > groupthink really are damaging to the Rupublic.

        So is “corporate personhood“, but conservatives and libertarians worship that monstrosity of judicial activism as a religion nowadays.

        • avatarJake says:

          In a true free market supported by actual libertarians a corporation as they exist now could not exist as they are an extension of the state.

        • avatarpat says:

          But, Anonymous, I think the chicks voting is worse.

      • avatarAnonymous says:

        > I’m sorry but what makes you think it’s a Representative’s
        > job to actually represent his/her constituency?

        As right-wing radio talk show host Mike Rosen has been so fond of pointing out over the past several decades that he’s been on the air

        As Edmund Burke, a member of the English Parliament, explained to his constituents in Bristol, “I am your representative, not your delegate.” If you don’t like how a legislator votes, vote for someone else next time. In the meantime, he’s not a puppet on a string.

    • avatarTotenglocke says:

      Honestly, I’m a tiny bit tempted to go to a friends farm and shoot myself in the arm so that I can make up a story about being mugged and claim that having my CCW was the only thing that saved my life during a mugging.

  3. avatargoose says:

    This administration and the dems in Congress are masters at manipulating the dumbed down “American Idol” portion of our population. It is sickening to watch. I’d rather watch sausage being made.

  4. avatarTRUTHY says:

    I took a sh*t today, does that make me a Proctologist??

  5. avatarbrian says:

    I’ve watched sausage being made. I got hungry.

    I’m watching this, and I’m getting sick.

  6. avatarRandy Drescher says:

    Not to be insensitive either, but Giffords took a bullet to the brain to come up with her anti gun logic. I wish the poor lady well but understand she may not be able to grasp what she is selling. The bradys I fear are just not mentally well, Randy

  7. avatarAharon says:

    re: Miss. Tattoo, please post a picture of the tats on her other side. Thank you.

    • avatarC says:

      Inorite? i usually don’t like tats on women, but…DUCK HUNT!

      • avatarg says:

        +1 yep… that Duck Hunt tatt is awesome.

        I played that game on the original NES all the time with my dad… mean ‘ol dad was actually good at moving the ducks around, making me work for that shot at the tender age of 9. Good times.

  8. avatarJohnO says:

    Two things:

    Round limits on duck guns, deer rifles, and the like are are meant to control take, which is strictly limited on some species, and to prevent sky-busting and strafing up the country side at running bucks. Different thing entirely than a defensive weapon; ducks rarely attack, even when provoked.

    Now this, which may make me sound like a butthole, but I don’t care. Being murdered by a lunatic is a PERSONAL tragedy, not a NATIONAL tragedy. That goes for you, Gabby, and yes, the Sandy Hook parents. It’s not all about you. The issues involved in the effort at citizen disarmament are much bigger than any one person.

  9. avatarRalph says:

    Gabby Giffords and James Brady are proof positive that getting shot in the head does not make a person smarter.

  10. avatarAnonymous says:

    How about a picture of The Girl With A Dragunov Tattoo?

  11. avatarYe5 I 5aid t4at says:

    Very terrible thing that happened to Giffords.
    But if I had a bullet bore a tunnel through half my brain and talked the way she does, relying on pre-written (by???….) text, would you let me represent you in court? Give you marital advice? do your taxes? spell check you term paper?…..

    • avatarPascal says:

      No, but she will remain senator so she can rubber stamp democratic bills.

    • avatarAnonymous says:

      > No, but she will remain senator so she can
      > rubber stamp democratic bills.

      1. Giffords was not a Senator, she was a Representative.

      2. She did not remain in Congress. She resigned on January 25, 2012.

  12. avatarAlphaGeek says:

    I think it’s tragic and sad that they keep wheeling out the traumatic brain injury survivor to shill for their cause when she clearly has reduced mental faculties.

    And then there’s the Giffords sideshow.

    Oh, you thought I meant Gabby? No, I was talking about Feinstein.

    • avatarFred says:

      They have no problems exploiting those that can’t make decisions for themselves, children or the mentally impaired, and I bet they love to have them around because they will blindly agree with anything said. Given certain comments it’s clear they want us to all be like children because they know better than us and the facts that make up the reality of the matter.

    • avatarDrVino says:


  13. avatarRalph says:

    Everyone who thinks that The Freedom Group is getting out of the gun business because of Newtown, please raise your hands.

    No hands. Y’all ain’t stupid.

    Everyone who thinks that TFG is getting out of the gun business because they didn’t get the Army contract, please raise your hands.

    Whoa. I haven’t seen that many hands waving since my last Journey concert.

    • avatarAharon says:

      I thought they quietly decided months ago to dump the Freedom Group because the gun companies they purchase keep going downhill after they were acquired. Poor Marlin has been on life support for years.

      • avatarJarhead1982 says:

        Cerebus, the holding/investment group that owned Freedom Group was formed by a bunch of chicken hawks from the auto industry, multiple of whom I worked under or with, and understanding their take, take, take and strip, strip, strip and only profit, only profit matters attitudes, anything they get their mitts on is doomed for immeadiate failure or death by a thousand cuts!

  14. I wonder how many of the “nutty” people in Congress have or carry guns.

  15. avatarensitu says:

    I’m an old GI with enough skin cancer to DOA a dozen Hollywood types a day, the only thing that keeps me going is my personal mission to educate folks about sunscreen and the results of lack there-of
    It aint a BIG deal fer adult types, but it is a Deal fer the kids cause, like me it might not show-up for 40 years but it might grow straight of your head.

  16. Very sad how the brain damaged lady is being used as a prop/puppet by those who hate American Freedoms.

    It’s pretty obvious that there isn’t a lot of there left up there.

    • avatarJake says:

      I almost cried. I felt bad for her when I heard exactly what kind of hit she survived, but I had not seen her since her “recovery”

      This poor woman is being handled. If it were for anything else the left would be up in arms about manipulating a poor disabled person.

  17. avatarpk in AZ says:

    Does this mean baby sitters should be banned?

    I think so..


    Baby dies after abuse; sitter is charged

  18. avatarStacy says:

    So anyone have any thoughts on this McKown guy who got shot while stopping a mall shooter (NPR link)?

    Mine is that he probably couldn’t have done much differently. The key fact is that he drew his gun but couldn’t locate the shooter, so he re-holstered. What else are you going to do, wander aimlessly around a shooting scene with a gun in your hand and police on the way? His bad luck that after all that he finally ran across the shooter.

    Or, did he screw up initially by going looking for the shooter instead of just covering his own escape? I give him credit for attempting to nab the bad guy without shooting him, even if it wasn’t the smartest move. Don’t we all criticize the police for just up and shooting suspects without (it sometimes seems) even trying to take them alive?

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      The main thing to criticize is the hesitation. There’s a guy shooting up a mall with a rifle. If you’re armed and you run into him, don’t hesitate, shoot to neutralize the threat. He hesitated and engaged the shooter verbally. Instead, it should have been draw again and fire.

    • avatarCliff says:

      In an interview last week in the Tacoma newspaper http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/02/02/2458996/good-guy-with-a-gun-still-carries.html

      McKown said to the shooter; “I told him, ‘Young man, I think you need to put your weapon down.’” McKown recalled Friday. “Then I drew my gun and aimed it at his face.” …at which time McKown was shot five times and paralized when a bullet severed his spine.

      McKown says he still carries his pistol. My question is, “Why?”

      When confronted with an active shooter, don’t talk, shoot! He’s lucky he was not killed. Although there were four people held hostage after this, no one else was shot in the mall that day. If McKown had a shot to stop this guy and didn’t take it then evey single person shot after that point in time would have been on him.

  19. avatarMark Chamberlain says:

    So is Rep. Thompson implying it is legal under federal law to hunt human beings as it is for ducks? That’s news to me.

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