Daily Digest: A Funny Thing Happened at the SHOT Show

So there we were in the SHOT Show press room. Once again, TTAG’s A-Team was cranking-out post after post on guns ‘n gear. Dan, Nick and Chris were nailing it. Not me. Aside from occasional forays to the floor to photo booth babes, I stayed topside blogging gun rights news. I decided to check the top ten posts. All of them were 2A-related. None of them were SHOT-related. Denis Leary’s voice popped into my head: “Yeah, it’s that important.” Roger that. TTAG’s changed . . .

We’ve evolved from an electronic gun magazine to a Second Amendment jungle telegraph. Works for me. I’ve dedicated my life [now] to defending and extending Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

We’ll stay true to our catholic tag line. But we’ll do our best to protect our firearms freedom with . . . wait for it . . . the truth about guns. Speaking of which, I’ve got more tabs open than a late-60’s Weight Watchers meeting. Time to get in Digest-tion . . .

As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I’ve got to say it: the Washington Post is as dumb as a post. Germany initiates gun registry, to barely a peep

See what they did there? Background-check backlog in Colorado gets no extra funding denverpost.com

Take a look at these prices. While some items are still available on the used market, I went a few weeks without checking up and came back to see every item has doubled or tripled in price. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and watching the events back home unfold the way they are is heartbreaking. Watching the shelves clear and not having the chance to pick up, well, anything leaves one feeling helpless.”

It’s about gun grabbing not spree killing. “Even most gun owners believe that we need tighter restrictions on gun ownership.” Linsky Files Gun Violence Legislation natickpatch.com

“According to legal brief filed on behalf of the victim, Morrissey [above] shouted, ‘I’m going to kill you. I’m going to beat your head in,’ and then attempted to make good on his promise. When the man attempted to escape his beating, Morrissey ‘smashed his head into the corner of a brick wall,’ according to a court filing by the victim’s lawyers.” lewrockwell.com

Even Bill Clinton’s beginning to see what’s at stake. “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them.” huffingtonpost.com

OMG. Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal world.time.com

Not-so-veiled threat for post-Fast and Furious ATF whistleblowers. Obama’s ATF pick ‘slap in the face’ to Brian Terry family, says Issa bizpackreview.com

“The only ones who are saying it’s insensitive are these liberals out there who want to take away your guns. The shooting in Newtown had nothing to do with law-abiding citizens.” N.H. police chiefs criticized for gun prizes in raffle boston.com

America Is Ever So Slowly Falling Out of Love With Guns businessweek.com

Or not. Fox News poll: Twice as many favor more guns over banning guns to reduce crime foxnews.com

Two years of back orders. info.stagarms.com

No matter how this pans out, in the days ahead two words will matter most. Got gun?