Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ad: Beyond the Pale?

Post Sandy Hook, the gun control industry is in high gear, taking their civilian disarmament campaign into low places. Specifically, the gutter. This ad by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) may not be the worst example of the antis’ shameless, tasteless exploitation of a horrific tragedy I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly one of the worst examples of the antis’ shameless, tasteless exploitation of a horrific tragedy I’ve ever seen. I’m especially impressed by the editing. Not just the juxtaposition . . .

In the original video the Congressman says “And for as long as I can remember, my father always had this rifle real handy just to keep us safe [italicized bit removed by CSVG]” and “I’m John Barrow, and long before I was born, my grandfather used this little Smith & Wesson here to help stop a lynching.

CSGV spokesman Ladd Everitt defended the omissions to

“We’re not here to run campaign ads for John Barrow. We’re not his PR team,” group spokesman Ladd Everitt told

Asked about the omission of the line about stopping a lynching, Everitt said he was “unable to confirm” Barrow’s claim about his grandfather.

“I think most Americans would understand that if you look at the history of lynchings … there were probably precious few instances where white men with guns prevented lynchings,” he said. Everitt added that the point was to highlight Barrow’s ties to the NRA and resistance to new calls for gun control.

“We didn’t have time to run his entire campaign ad,” he said.

See how that works? The ends justify the means, and that means there are no depths to which the gun control industry will sink to further their agenda. Shame on them.

Oh and I wonder how many African Americans would have been lynched had Southern Democrats not denied them their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Just sayin’ . . .