Civilian Disarmament: Who Gets The Last Word?

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell nauseates me; to the point where I have to click over to Wealth TV to remind myself that personal aspiration isn’t a crime against humanity. But it’s my job to know what the anti-gunners are thinking or, more importantly, selling. In the segment above, Larry takes NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre to task for quoting Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black out of context. O’Donnell’s selling the idea that anyone who believes in “absolutism”—the belief that Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms brooks no infringement whatsoever—is mentally challenged. Drilling down, O’Donnell asserts that support for “high capacity” magazines puts gun rights advocates into Crazy Town. Well . . .

It’s hard to argue that armed citizens should be less well armed (i.e., have lower capacity firearms) than criminals. O’Donnell’s bizarre, snarcastic rebuttal—the assertion that “Crazy Wayne” wants law-abiding citizens to have “loads of cocaine right besides their loaded guns”—shows he’s firing rhetorical blanks.

If that’s not the lunatic calling the fanatic (in a nice way) insane, O’Donnell goes on to admit that criminals don’t follow gun laws. And then . . . “If criminals don’t pay income taxes does that mean that NRA members shouldn’t have to pay income taxes because criminals don’t?”

O’Donnell ends his logically-challenged rant by claiming that Wayne LaPierre is “Washington’s chief lobbyist for criminals.” The NRA jefe’s constant call for harsher penalties for criminals counts for nothing when character assassination is the dish of the day. I guess it’s Opposites Day in O’Donnell’s head. Again. Still.

Which leaves us where? MSNBC has less viewers than the redheads’ section of But it worries me that a mainstream media pundit would so willingly, so joyfully sacrifice Americans’ right to armed self-defense.

O’Donnell fails to understand, acknowledge or appreciate the fact that infringing upon Americans’ Constitutional right to keep and bear arms by, say, limiting legal firearms to seven round magazines, puts millions of law-abiding citizens in harm’s way. It’s a spectacular failure of empathy.

Yes, it’s a war of words. Yes, the disarmament Democrats will be punished in the polls. Eventually. Meanwhile, right now, by their deeds American gun owners should be known. Lest we forget, we are in the middle of the greatest firearms and ammunition and sales surge in the history of this country.

Anyone who thinks that Americans will surrender their guns willingly because elitist utopians like O’Donnell will convince them that it’s for their own good is ignoring commercial reality. And in The Land of the Free, where the business of America is business, the consumer gets the last word.

At least I bloody well hope so.