Intuit Merchant Services Bans Nordic Components Credit Card Processing

The following appears on Nordic Components retail website:

NOTICE: We are unable to process credit card transactions at this time. Intuit Merchant Services [link added] has told us that they will NOT process anymore transactions and may put a freeze our accounts because we sell firearms related products. I was told that they are backed by Chase Banks. [ED: Intuit uses Chase as a gateway. The bank doesn’t own Intuit.] DO NOT conduct business with these financial institutions if you care about the Constitution of the United States, the Second Amendment or your RIGHTS as a firearms owner. We, as firearms owners, are under attack. I wonder how many of these anti-gun banks received Bail-out money from the current administration?

We are working on getting set up with a firearm friendly processor and hope to be back on line to serve you quickly. Thank You for understanding.