Bulgaria: Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt

When seconds count armed bodyguards are only seconds away. What up with the beat-down? One gets the impression that Bulgarian politicians are a bit  . . . thuggish. [Wikipedia tells us that Ahmed Dogan is the founder and leader оf the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), a liberal party that represents the interests of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria. And a secret police collaborator.]


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55 Responses to Bulgaria: Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt

  1. avatarIn Memphis says:

    If only crimminals in America were made to regret their crimes. Instead they get a TV show with their faces censored and released on bail the same day.

    Edit to Add: Forgot to say that a crowd in America would be chanting, “Jerry Jerry Jerry”

  2. avatarIvy Mike says:

    Joey, have you ever been in a Bulgarian Prison?

  3. avatarMr aNINNYmouse says:

    Bad situation control.

  4. avatarO.E says:


    • avatarRalph says:

      ‘Cause Christians never murder anybody.

      • avatarO.E says:

        Both Religions are alien to Europe.

        Both have been motive for the slaughter of Europeans.

        The lot of them are Jewish brainwashing weapons.

        • avatarG23 to 9 says:

          Yeah…..cuz everyone knows the Jews control everything


        • avatarإبليس says:

          Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are the mental equivalent of HIV/AIDS. Pontius Pilate was right…let’s wash our hands of this lunacy.

        • avatarRopingdown says:

          I won’t take sides in the issue, but the unique contribution of Judaism (and then Christianity and Islam) was the concepts of heresy and anathema, which were unknown in Hellenistic and Roman religion. Some advance.

        • avatarpat says:

          Islamism is the big problem of the last quarter century or so. They need (as does the middle east) a reformation because the whole place is a crap hole and has been for over half a millenium.

        • avatarReply To Pat says:

          Not sticking up for Islam but I haven’t noticed a preponderance of Muslims running the banks, investment firms, law firms, media, movies, TV, drugs, education, etc. Just saying you might need new glasses.

  5. avatarNelson says:

    Hesus F’ng Cristos, Bulgaria, keep ya sh*t together!

    We may need a few desperate more years of quality AK/Circle10 mag imports into America!


  6. avatarCarlosT says:

    Looks like the guy lost his nerve at the last minute. Otherwise this would have been an assassination, not just an attempt.

    • avatarRobert Farago says:

      Looks like a jam or failure to put on a round in the pipe to me.

      • avatarSammy says:

        The assassin F’ed it up. The speaker was a dead duck, but for an equipment check by the inept triggerman.

      • avatarBilly Wardlaw says:

        Or! Perhaps as he was approaching the podium he spotted a “Gun Free Zone” sign over the target’s shoulder.

        Judging by the beat down, had he succeeded I doubt he would have made it out alive. He had to know that was an end game he was playing.

      • avatarpat says:

        Use a Revolver if your gonna do the big A in front of the cameras and all.

    • I thought the shooter just hesitated for a second. I love the reaction of the target. It shows how useless a concealed carry weapon is in a situation like this. You guys keep blowing smoke up each other’s asses about how much safety the concealed carry gun gives you, but the truth is, unless you’re very lucky and just happen to be in the perfect position, your gun is useless.

  7. avatarPhil-USN says:

    Holy frijoles!

  8. avatarTex74 says:

    I got the “pleasure” of passing through Bulgaria a few times by rail in the late ’90s. It’s very obvious that country is run by the old Soviet regime left overs. Visually it was a great example of what the Soviets would do to one of its satellite countries. Plenty of old run down abandoned industrial areas.

    • avatarJSIII says:

      Lits of sex trafficing from there too. Lots of women from the poorest ex soviet states like Bulgaris, Moldova etc end up trafficked around the world.

  9. avatarSteve in MA says:

    Haha, never thought this would be applicable “If you want to kill a public servant, Mr. Maroni, I recommend you buy American.”

  10. avatarLance says:

    That’s why I rather carry a gun a body guard is alot heavier!

  11. avatarGregolas says:

    What up wid the beatdown? What else do ya need those pointy-toed boots for?

  12. avatarRalph says:

    In any decent country, that beat-down would have been permanent.

  13. avatarAharon says:

    The cuisine from that area of Europe/Turkey is very good.

  14. avatarTy says:

    Can anyone ID that pistol? The mainstream media is as usual throwing out wildly conflicting information. One report I saw called it a ‘gas gun’ which seems to be like a conversion or replica that fires pepper spray or tear gas. If that’s the case, then ‘assassination attempt’ is an inaccurate phrase.

  15. avatarg says:

    Looks like the assassin pulled the trigger, but no bang? Maybe bad round or he didn’t rack before his John Wilkes Booth performance?

  16. avatarEric says:

    He pulled the trigger, no fire, tap rack, and he pulled the trigger at least once more as the speaker went at him, no fire again. Bad pistol, and/or bad ammo.

    I thought the speaker did quite well considering the surprise attack. He did not stand like a deer in the headlights, but nearly instantly pressed the attack a bit on the attempted assassin. I would only hope I would be even more aggressive and savage faced with this situation.

  17. avatarSvetoslav says:

    Death of Ahmed Dogan this guy ruined Bulgaria. I am Bulgarian and I know what they did together with Ivan Kostov and Richard Rahn. These three must should be shot.

  18. avatarNP says:

    Svetoslav, this is just ridiculous. Furthermore you are expressing death threats, something that is misdemeanor in every modern jurisdiction.

    p.s. seems my previous comment with weapon IDed ended in spam folder. The gun is Ekol Volga, it is a Turkish made “gas-signal” pistol, unable to fire bullets, designed to fire blanks and pepper spray loaded ammo.

  19. avatarSvetoslav says:

    Translate it to English Ran-Utt plan or write it in YOUTUBE

  20. avatarRopingdown says:

    Bulgaria is already considered a gangster state on its way to being a full-fledged “failed state” in NATO’s book.

  21. avatarbontai Joe says:

    I saw all these security guys and not one of them had a pair of handcuffs? Not even zip ties? As for the beat down, Hey when an assasin comes into a politician’s home turf, and tries to kill one of them, he should expect a beating at the bare minimum. Some countries would have held him down and shot him on the spot. I was actually surprised to see him get up and walk, he took some serious kicks to the groinal area which should have made him pretty much immobile.

  22. avatarRandy Drescher says:

    Like old Clint said, I didn’t do it, he looked too damn good,lol, Randy

  23. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I feel bad for the poor assassin because no one should be beaten just for trying to shoot the poor old dude in the head. Now I’m sure obumas fools would have been gentle and kind to this moron because it’s not nice to beatdown scumbag assassins.

  24. avatarTRUTHY says:

    Did nobody have any freakin handcuffs????

    Or are they banned?? Assault handcuffs?

  25. avatarإبليس says:

    Hopefully the turks will be swept from Bulgaria in response.

    • avatarLolinski says:

      So because someone tries to kill you, your people should be “swept away”? It doesnt make sense. Ahmed Dogan himself is Turkish.

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