BREAKING: Sandy Hook Spree Killer Changed Magazines “Multiple Times”


“As police wrap up at least the crime-scene portion of their investigation into Lanza’s murderous spree that left 26 people dead in the school, including 20 first-graders, the earplugs [found at the scene] are not the only evidence that shows Lanza might have carried habits either from the shooting range or the virtual world of video games into his real-world massacre,” reports, oddly. “Lanza changed magazines frequently as he fired his way through the first-grade classrooms of Lauren Rousseau and Victoria Soto, sometimes shooting as few as 15 shots from a 30-round magazine, sources said.” Well that ought to change the debate over magazine capacity legislation. Or not. More info after the jump . . .

Investigators have not said how many shots Lanza fired with the Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle after he entered the school by firing half a dozen rounds through the glass at the school entrance. Sources said that he fired approximately 150 rounds during the shooting spree.

[NB: TTAG’s sources report that the killer fired 76 rounds before his Bushmaster AR experienced a “stovepipe” at which point the killer threw his gun away.]

Besides the earplugs, he was wearing all black clothes under a drab olive green utility vest with pockets filled with 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster.

Which means that even without the AR in his hands, Lanza would have stood out walking up to Sandy Hook. FWIW. [h/t RC]