BREAKING: NRA Cautiously Optimistic on Defeating Illinois Gun Ban Bill

“I’ve never seen a piece of legislation that tramples on so many court decisions,” Todd Vandermyde told The NRA’s man-on-the-spot told TTAG he was “cautiously optimistic” that enough State Senators would vote against HB1263 and HB815 to defeat the profoundly unconstitutional legislation, should the bills make it to the floor. “Gun owners have answered the clarion call,” Todd said. “I’ve got irate secretaries who can’t get anything done because the phone’s ringing off the hook.” Vandermyde advises gun owners to keep up the pressure. The bills are in Executive Committee this morning for more amendments. “The Senate adjourns tomorrow (Friday), but they could cancel that because there’s not enough work. In that case, it’s high noon today.” Meanwhile, ArmaLite has threatened to move if the laws are enacted. As well they might.