BREAKING: New York Governor Cuomo’s Seven Point Plan for Civilian Disarmament

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has released the text of his State of the State speech. [Click here for live streaming.] reports that Cuomo “wants to make New York’s gun laws the toughest in the nation, pushing to ban weapons with ‘military-style features’ and eliminate loopholes that allow the sale of large-capacity magazines . . . The proposal would allow the state to suspend or revoke licenses and confiscate weapons, close loopholes in the 2000 law banning assault rifles, flag large bullet purchases and require background checks for gun sales between private parties. ‘Some weapons are so dangerous and some ammunition devices so lethal that we simply cannot afford to continue selling them in our state,’ the report said. Current law ‘is so riddled with loopholes and so difficult to understand that it has become virtually unenforceable.'” The Gov has a seven-point plan . . .

1. “Enact the toughest assault weapons ban in the nation period”

2. “Close the private sale loophole by requiring federal background checks”

3. “Ban high capacity magazines.”

4. “Enact tougher penalties for illegal gun use, guns on schools grounds and violent gangs.”

5. “Keep guns form people who are mentally ill.”

6. “Ban internet sales of ammunition in New York.”

7. “Create a state NICS check on all ammunition purchases.”