Black Helicopters Over Galveston, Houston. Wait. No.

 Galveston, TX county jail (courtesy

You remember our stories about black helicopters firing blanks over Miami and then Houston? Yesterday, the Army and Houston police apologized for not giving advance warning of a joint training exercise in southeast Houston. The Army said they notified Houston’s public safety director about the exercise, but the message never got out. This on the same day the Army gave the Galveston County Daily News a heads-up that a unit from Fort Bragg, North Carolina planned on using the old jail on 17th Street for a night drill in urban warfare. “Residents on the East End may see military personnel and a helicopter, and possibly hear gunfire and explosions.” Apparently, the military wasn’t happy that they’d let the cat out of the bag. The News reports that . . .

The U.S. Army’s plan to use the old Galveston County Jail for urban warfare training was canceled late Wednesday afternoon.

Calls and emails to the Army were not returned, but the county’s Dudley Anderson, who coordinated the use of the facility with the Army, said the military was a bit “sensitive” to the publicity the training generated.

SNAFU on “standard anti-terrorist training” or WTF on military and police coordination? We report you wear the tin hat.