Almost exactly a year ago, reported LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA. “ky9 spotted the Black Hawk in the dark, making what appeared to be a drop off at a park before quickly ascending back into the air. Throughout the exercise, the five rotorcrafts were staged at Dodgers Stadium.” Yesterday we reported military helicopters in downtown Miami flying low, firing blanks. Today, Houston. KTOR reports . . .

SkyEye 13 HD was over the south side where at first look, it appears there’s a massive SWAT scene happening. People have been calling police, as well as our newsroom, saying they’re hearing gunshots in the area of Scott and Airport.

“It turns out, the Army says, it’s a multi-agency training drill. They’re doing it at the old Carnegie High School. Helicopters were also involved. The Army isn’t giving any details of what the training is about.

Does anyone (other than our government) know what our government is up to?