Bass Pro Shops Out of Almost Everything Firearms Related


The Great Gun Buying Sales Surge continues. Actually, that’s not strictly true. The pace of ammunition and firearms sales has slowed to a crawl. The product pipeline has run dry. Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro Massachusetts is sold out of all popular ammo calibers: 9mm, .45, .38, .40, .223 and, get this, .22. As is every Bass Pro Shop in the Northeast. The sales guys report it’s now a case of just-in-time purchasing. “I put ammo on the shelves, I turn around and it’s gone,” a not-so-hassled anymore salesman told me. The firearm situation is no better. ARs? Nope. None. Smith and Wesson handguns are obvious by their absence. OK, there’s one S&W 460. Otherwise, you can have any handgun you want as long as it’s a Ruger revolver or a [very lonely] Walther. Anecdotal evidence suggest the Northeast is not alone. And the Foxboro sales manager reckons there’s no end in sight. Or, more precisely, no start point for attaining normal inventory levels. What are you guys seeing?