American Preppers Network: New York Gun Ban Will Get Ugly

“We have around 600 Facebook members from rural New York who are affected by the New York gun ban,” Phil Burns told TTAG in the SHOT Show press room. “They’re liberty-minded, self-reliant. They have firearms [that hold more than seven rounds] and Cuomo wants them and they’re not likely to give them over happily.” So what happens if the local SWAT team comes calling?  . . .

The man behind American Preppers Network reckons “It’s gonna be bad. Preppers, like all Americans, have the right to defend themselves and their property against Constitutional infringement.” Reading between the lines and projecting my own concerns, I reckon it’s only a matter of time before the New York gun ban blows up WACO style.

That said . . .

Dan and I met a couple of LEOs in the elevator yesterday. My elevator query: would you confiscate firearms? “I’d shoot my lieutenant for treason,” the cop said without a moment’s hesitation. “My lieutenant said ‘if the order came down from above, I’d have to follow it.’ And I said ‘Then I’ll have to shoot you.”

I hate to say it: but this shit is getting real.