A Quick Note To TTAG Tipsters

TTAG posts every hour from 8am to 9pm EST. We cover breaking news as it happens. We provide a Daily Digest (9pm EST) to share the stories that time pressure and priorities prevented us from blogging “properly.” And no wonder; I’m getting hundreds of emails per day. Considering the growing post-Sandy Hook pro-gun control zeitgeist and the product related news due from the upcoming SHOT Show, the volume of firearms-related info flowing into my inbox will only increase. I want to take this opportunity to thank all TTAG’s tipsters—past, present and future—for your help. Thank you. By all means, keep emailing links, tips and editorials to guntruth@me.com. Just know that I may not be able to send the individual response you deserve. That said, the TTAG team will do its best to use the info to create the fastest, most comprehensive and most entertaining firearms blog on the internet. Again, thanks for helping us tell the truth about guns.