Taurus Might Buy Freedom Group


There have been more than a couple threads on forums started by people over the last month looking to gather their pennies and buy Freedom Group, which is currently up for sale by its corporate overlords. And while those threads were mostly joking, Taurus isn’t. Bloomberg is reporting that the Brazilian company is looking to acquire the juggernaut while it is still being undervalued due to the doom and gloom surrounding the politics of guns right now. If true, it’s a brilliant move . . .

Taurus has been gaining ground recently, battling back from their much maligned reputation and introducing some fairly awesome stuff in recent years that has netted their Brazilian masters some hefty currency in return. Now, with a full war chest and possibly willing to take on some debt, Taurus might be eyeing a longer game in the United States than just manufacturing handguns.

Taurus recently bought another manufacturer (Diamondback, I believe) and Mark Kresser (CEO of Taurus) was hinting at SHOT Show about a possible upcoming merger and/or acquisition that he was excited about.

Mark was unavailable for comment, but hopefully when he sees this he’ll give me a ring.