Range Demo: Colt 901LE (5.56 / 7.62×51 Swappable AR)

Not really anything new, but I just thought this was a pretty nifty video of the thing in action. We’re getting one for T&E soon so we’ll let you know how it works. But getting one sounds like an awesome idea, buy once and shoot damn near everything.


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6 Responses to Range Demo: Colt 901LE (5.56 / 7.62×51 Swappable AR)

  1. avatarHasdrubal says:

    Knowing Colt, you could probably get a 7.62 and a separate 5.56 for the same price overall.

  2. avatarstateisevil says:

    I like.

  3. avatarDavid-p says:

    Have one and absolutely love it. Just waiting on the adapter to become available. In 308 it shoots great. Hopefully awb dies off, there is not enough of these 901′s out there to make aftermarket parts available, would like another 308 upper to build a 338 federal.

  4. avatarHay Yawl says:

    Don’t forget to try & check out the MGI Hydra .. & report back!

  5. Great idea. It would be nice if other manufacturers jumped on this bandwagon.

  6. avatarGyufygy says:

    I’ve heard AR-10s have had reliability issues. I wonder if this will have them in 7.62 mode.

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