Paper that Published NY Pistol Permit Holder Info Hires Armed Guards

We reported a few days ago about the Journal News and their publication of the full name and address of every licensed handgun owner in Westchester County. The Journal News was unrepentant, believing that it was acting in the best interest of the public to make that information available. The County Clerk for Putnam Country disagrees, and apparently the level of hate mail flowing into the newsroom has prompted the company to protect themselves a la the New York Times with armed guards . . .

From Politico:

According to the Clarkstown Police report, filed today, Journal News editor Caryn McBride had “previously reported a large amount of negative correspondence in response to the media outlet’s publication of local gun permit holders.” McBride shared one email with the police officer from “an unknown subject who wondered what McBride would get in her email now.” The officer told McBride the email did not constitute an offense.

The Rockland County Times, a Journal News competitor, led its exclusive report citing the juxtaposition of targeting gun ownership while hiring armed guards.

So let me get this straight.

Even after an individual goes through the proper channels, submits to a rigorous background check, and has been found by the government to be an upstanding citizen of the state of New York, they are still considered a threat to the community by the Journal News because they choose to protect themselves by owning legally purchased firearms?

But the Journal News isn’t a threat to the community for wanting the exact same protection?