New from Laxco: SmartScope Auto-Compensating Rifle Scope

With computer components getting smaller and processing power increasing, it’s actually surprising that more companies haven’t tried to make a scope that does all the work for you. What we have here is something closer to being in the price range of a normal person rather than TrackingPoint’s Honda Civic-priced equipment, but still tries to compensate for bullet drop and windage. In short, taking all the math out of the shooting process. Make the jump for the email from Laxco. . .

Laxco is proud to introduce the world’s first fully automated auto targeting SmartScope (tm.) The design provides all the features of a standard rife scope with the eyepiece view plus incorporates an auto targeting system and a built in digital range finder. Using this automation feature within the scope, the user gets bullet drop compensation fully integrated with no manual inputting of correction data with a direct electronic display in the eyepiece. The layout is conventional to a shooter and does provide manual wind age compensation. All the features are housed in a slim line, durable case that is a fully integrated scope. The scope is durable, water proof, fog proof and incorporates a standard Picatinny / MIL-STD-1913 scope mounting base.

Apparently this thing will be on display at the range on Monday, so be sure that we’ll have a range report by then.