New from Colt Defense: Dipped Finish on Rifles

Colt Defense makes some pretty good AR-15 rifles and now, in addition to the standard finishes available, they will be doing some interesting water transfer images. The process can not only cover aluminum and other metals, but it works on plastic and other AR accessories so the entire gun can be painted to match. Shown here is their forest camo variety, but they also have a faux carbon fiber and a “muddy girl” pink finish available in addition to some other selections. Kinda nifty, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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6 Responses to New from Colt Defense: Dipped Finish on Rifles

  1. avatarJSIII says:

    I like the second one from the right…very Vietnam-y. Would be cool to have one.

  2. avatarKKB says:

    Nifty is right. I like the tigerstripe pattern on the second AR from the front.

    P.S. Nick–your photos are great. Pleeeeeeeease upload all–ALL!!!– of them to Flickr or something so I can go stare at ‘em better. And also, if you have time, see what happened to the Beretta ARX160. And the CZ 805. And the Radon MSBS556. And the FN FNAC. And the Remington ACR IC. And the………………………………….

  3. avatarIn Memphis says:

    Will this be available for DIY or factory only?

    • avatarborekfk says:

      I believe Colt said in a video on that they will be available as a factory option if you wish. I would love to get that retro Colt Commando with the Vietnam Tigerstripe camo, very slick.

  4. avatarLarry says:

    I just cant get excited about any of this until I know that I can still buy them in 90 days. The threat of the AWB hanging over us is killing my excitement buzz for this stuff.

    I do agree that the second one from the right looks great.

    At least the XDs 9mm only has a 7 round mag, legal in even New York :(

  5. avatarLance says:

    I like a mini A1 hand-guards.

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