New from Chiappa: Little Badger Folding Skeletonized Rimfire Rifle

Chiappa has all sorts of interesting stuff this year. In addition to their triple barreled shotgun, they’re showing off a rifle designed specifically for new shooters. The Little Badger is a folding rimfire rifle that is little more than a wire frame stock and a barrel, and folds in half to an overall length of a little over 16 inches. The single shot break action gun seems to function perfectly, with an easy to open action and a pretty nice trigger, and clocks in around $169.


The Man says its perfect for throwing in a backpack for camping, or in your private plane for survival hunting, or just giving to your child for their first gun. And since the thing is threaded 1/2-28, it is ready from the factory to take the silencer of your choice. The handguards are simply four standard Picatinny rails, meaning you can mount just about any small optic or other gubbins to the rifle to customize it to your requirements.

Its a nifty idea, and something I would definitely consider for my bug out bag, but for simply plinking around the range a Ruger 10/22 might still be king. We’ll see.