New from ATI: Benelli M4 / VEPR 922(R) Compliant Furniture Kits

The guys at Benelli have long wanted a legal way to have the civilian version of their M4 shotgun mimic the same features as the military version. But that pesky import restriction thing known as 922(r) keeps them from doing it. So they asked ATI to come up with a parts kit that would have all the bells and whistles while staying compliant with the law. And not only have they done that, I actually think they’ve made it better . . .

The Benelli kit not only includes an adjustable stock (with adjustable height cheek piece) but a rubberized grip, a barrel shroud (not to be confused with those shoulder things that goes up) and a railed magazine extension that allows you to bolt more stuff onto your gun.

Another imported firearm that has a terrible stock for importation reasons is the VEPR series of rifles that have become popular among hunters recently. ATI have not only come up with a new stock attachment that allows you to mount standard AR-style stocks but also a kick-ass forend. The rail on the final version will be a little lower and closer to the gas tube, but everything else looks and feels great.