New from Arsenal: 12 and 410 Gauge AK-Pattern Shotguns

The guys from Bulgaria have been busy. With Saiga’s shotguns nearly sold out and importation down to a trickle, they’ve decided to bring their own 12-gauge AK pattern shotgun to market. The shotgun is available in both a fixed AND collapsible stock version, with the collapsible stock disabling the gun from firing (a safety measure, according to the reps).

The handguards are off of an RPK, allowing for better and faster heat dispersion than its Russian made associate. Also different is a proprietary quad rail system that lets you mount lights, lasers and other gubbins directly on the gun from day one.

They’re also showing off a 410 gauge version, with both fixed and folding stocks. Thanks to the size of the 410 shell they can use standard AK furniture on the gun, which means the customization options are nearly endless.