New from Alliance Armament: Origin-12 Shotgun

OK, this isn’t exactly “new” but its friggin’ awesome. Imagine taking a Saiga-12 Shotgun design, slicing out everything that sucks, and making it insanely more awesome. That’s basically what these guys have done. The build these shotguns from scratch, and even better (with the impending firearms legislation and such) is that they are selling the receivers right now, allowing you to legally posses your firearm before any bans come down and they will build the rest of the gun when your turn in line comes around. More pictures after the jump . . .

One of the more interesting features is that this gun comes apart in the middle. One pin, and the whole thing slides off. Apparently the plan is to offer this as a shotgun first, with a later conversion kit to turn it into a rifle. No idea how the ATF is going to classify THAT one.

The shotgun comes with an “infinitely adjustable” gas system that uses shotgun shells to add leverage and let you manhandle the thing, allowing you to adjust between slugs and birdshot to keep the thing running. The shotgun we were testing had a couple failures to eject, but a quick twist of the gas system and everything was peachy.