Joe Biden: “Assault Weapons” Aren’t Used by Criminals to Commit Crimes, So No One Needs Them

Biden went off the deep end trying to answer this question. When asked about what Biden hopes to gain from a new “Assault Weapons Ban” when the numbers prove that there was no noticeable impact on crime due to the law, Biden tried to turn it around. His argument: since criminals don’t use “assault weapons” in their crimes, then no one needs one!


Question: “What reasonable measures can we implement that might reduce the loss of life as opposed to repeating the same failed laws of previous administrations?”

Biden: “Well, let me set the record straight in your question. It [the AWB] didn’t expire because it proved ineffective, it expired because it had to be re-authorized in 10 years. When I originally wrote the legislation, the only way to get it passed was an agreement to have a 10 year life and have to be re-authorized, and the last administration [Bush] chose not to seek re-authorization. That’s number one.

“Number two, it is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not the consequence of the use of an ‘assault weapon’. But that begs the question of whether assault weapons have any real utility either in terms of any sporting or self protection needs […]”

So, because millions of “assault weapons” are legally owned by lawful citizens and almost never used to commit crimes or kill people, we should ban them.

Sounds reasonable to me. Or not.