HR 35: Repeal Gun Free Schools Legislation Introduced in House

Don’t know why this one missed the bigass list of pending gun legislation we had a couple days back, but so it did. Steve Stockman, Republican congressman from Texas, introduced the legislation known as HR 35 on the first day of the new congressional session. While the full text isn’t yet available, we’re pretty sure that the goal is to repeal the gun free schools legislation since that’s what the Gun Owners of America is rolling with. And they seem to be rolling pretty hard . . .

They even have a website set up where you can email your representatives about this specific bill. Specifically right here.

this might be a good time to remind those of you who missed it the first time that TTAG recently held a simulated school shooting that looked at a couple scenarios involving armed teachers, and based on the results I really don’t see any way that it wouldn’t reduce the body count. But if a recent debate with New York mothers is any indication, logic isn’t running the show at the moment.

[Click here for the GovTrack page for the bill]