Hands On with the SIG SAUER MPX

The belle of the SIG SAUER booth is definitely the MPX, their new submachine gun that WILL INDEED be available to the civilian shooting world. And what makes that extra awesome is that the civilian version will have more in common with Optimus Prime than you’d expect . . .

That picture above is the civilian version with the gigantic and excessive muzzle brake on the front. But, as I found out, one tax stamp later and you get a screw-on sleeve that turns the thing directly into an integrally suppressed version.

I think it looks pretty awesome.

The only thing I have reservations about is that the first baffle of the muzzle brake on the civilian non-NFA version is completely enclosed within the handguard. Meaning that if your hand is on the furthest end of the handguard, you might get a little singed. The rep at the booth dismissed the idea, but I think I’ll test it out myself just to be sure.