The belle of the SIG SAUER booth is definitely the MPX, their new submachine gun that WILL INDEED be available to the civilian shooting world. And what makes that extra awesome is that the civilian version will have more in common with Optimus Prime than you’d expect . . .

That picture above is the civilian version with the gigantic and excessive muzzle brake on the front. But, as I found out, one tax stamp later and you get a screw-on sleeve that turns the thing directly into an integrally suppressed version.

I think it looks pretty awesome.

The only thing I have reservations about is that the first baffle of the muzzle brake on the civilian non-NFA version is completely enclosed within the handguard. Meaning that if your hand is on the furthest end of the handguard, you might get a little singed. The rep at the booth dismissed the idea, but I think I’ll test it out myself just to be sure.


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  1. If I lived in a place where suppressors were legal, I’d be on this because of how you can get the gun and then get the can when your paperwork is in order.

    However, who wants a ridiculous brake in the meantime?

    Sig needs to put out a true full length barrel version.

    • Why? pistol-caliber cartridges gain little or no velocity from a 16″ barrel. However, the increased dwell time might mess with the gas system.

  2. I want it bad…real bad. Been thinking of getting a 9MM AR for a while but screw that.

    Is the mag a proprietary design? The mags in the photos I have seen almost look like Mp5 mags.

  3. Interesting use of CF, Sig needs to do something similar in their rifles. That would solve two problems with monolithic uppers: Easy of access to the barrel and gas system, and weight management (this also applies to quad rails).

  4. Can’t wait for this one…

    How would it be a three stamp gun? The muzzle device is permanently attached, so it’s not SBR, if they sell the sleeve as a suppressor, you’d just need one stamp. Great for states like MI that allow silencers, but not SBR. This is exactly the type of rifle I’ve been hoping for, only in .45 acp.

    • If you can afford $3200 + a 200 stamp, you can afford $3200+400 in stamps. I’m not sure I see the point of an integrally suppressed rifle where you have to pay a new stamp every time you shoot out the barrel.

  5. I’m a bit confused. SIG’s site says NFA rules ~do~ apply to this version – and no mention of the suppressor. So even w/o the can we have to get a NFA stamp for the MPX-C?

    And on their FB they seem to indicate the SBR version will be available to civvies through NFA channels but elsewhere it says LE/MIL only. Do we have any clarification on that either? -Pk

  6. […] Hands On with the SIG SAUER MPX | The Truth About Guns HERE IS A GOOD PIC OF IT . The break has ports clear down inside the hand guard . I dont see how anyone would not mistake this as an attempt to add a permanent suppressor core to a pistol barrel?? I wish them luck in there case but I suspect its going to fail . Also were it stated that the gun was ever ATF approved initially a n then the determination rescinded ? I keep reading this on various sights but I have yet to see any proof , It looks to me like they built it an were expecting it to be declared illegal so they could sue . very much like the Thompson encore rifle pistol package lawsuit. Reply With Quote […]

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