Hands-On with Leatherman’s “Raptor” Multi-Tool for Medics

Being an EMT and a gigantic nerd, nothing makes me quite as happy as playing with new medical gear. This piece of kit from Leatherman I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for some time, namely because it does everything I could possibly want my trauma shears to do.

Want a glass breaker? Its on the handle. Belt hook and clothes ripper? folds out of the middle. Oh, and that square hole? Yep, you guessed it, O2 tank wrench. So instead of having a wrench tacked onto every single tank on the rig, you just need to remember to clip your own to your pants before going on shift. There’s even a ring cutter built into the blades so you don’t have to pull out that medieval looking tool that’s currently in the bag.

There’s also a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t think I needed, but are well thought out upgrades. Like a ruler on the side of the shears, especially helpful for, um, measuring things.

In short, I like it. And for the $70ish they’re asking, downright reasonable.

Oh crap, I need something gun related or RF will get me with the hose again…


There. That should hold him off.