Feinstein, Lautenberg Introduce Bill that would Ban Those on Terrorist Watchlist from Buying Guns

It looks like the Democrats are trying to pass everything and anything under the sun to restrict firearms ownership in the United States. One that has slipped under the radar apparently is Senate bill 34, the working title of which is “A bill to increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of firearms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists.” It sounds good on the surface, until you realize the truth about the terrorist watchlist . . .

First things first, the list isn’t an official legal designation of any sort. Its simply a list of people the U.S. government THINKS might be involved with terrorism in some way. I get the feeling that if the government had hard and fast evidence for someone being a terrorist they would arrest them and trumpet it to the nearest news outlet. So what you’re left with on the list are people that may have purchased Mao’s little red book or visited Anon’s IRC channel once and are forever branded as a suspected terrorist.

Second, the list is secret. So you can’t tell if you’re on the list, WHY you’re on the list, and since no one will confirm your presence no one will remove you upon request. No one knows exactly how or why people are added to the list, and once you’re on who knows when you will be removed.

So what we have is a list that is maintained without any due process, that is nearly impossible to get off, and can have names added at any time. And now Difi wants anyone whose name appears on that list to have their constitutional rights removed.

Sounds to me like someone isn’t familiar with the 14th Amendment…