Federal Assault Weapon Ban Bill to be Introduced on Thursday

According to the Washington Times, Dianne Feinstein’s “assault weapons” ban bill will be officially introduced on Thursday in the Senate. For why an AWB is a dumb idea, mosey on over to this link. As far as we can tell, nothing has changed on the proposed legislation so it will still remove any grandfathering, require registration of “assault weapons” and ban magazines larger than 10 rounds (although that may have dropped to 7 after New York’s stunt). And once introduced, it will immediately . . .

Die. A quick, and painless death.


Despite the Obama administration’s lip service that they want this thing passed, the reality on the ground is that there isn’t even enough support within the Democrat controlled Senate to pass the bill in that half of the legislature. The most likely scenario is that the bill is immediately sent to a committee and never sees the light of day.

However, while this bill is probably too politically charged to make its way through Congress, there’s a possibility that something more minor will be introduced and accepted as the “compromise” legislation. Like “only” a magazine capacity restriction.

I’ve already contacted my representatives. You probably should too.