Congressman Lamar Smith on Gun Control


Lamar Smith is my local representative in the House and I sent him a nice letter sharing my views on the current gun control proposals. While this is the same guy that sponsored SOPA and PIPA, I think this reply might just make up for that slight misstep. And once we defeat this round of civilian disarmament efforts, then we can discuss his position on the legalization of marijuana . . .

Dear Mr. Leghorn,

Thank you for contacting me regarding proposed gun control legislation. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

The recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, is a devastating tragedy that has broken our hearts and touched the nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

Unfortunately, some in Washington want to use this recent tragedy for a partisan agenda to enact gun control laws. But rather than curbing constitutional rights, they should focus on the underlying causes of these acts, including violence in the media and mental illness.

Since our nation’s founding, Americans have had the freedom and right to bear arms. As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I do not believe that limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens will prevent future acts of violence.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over Second Amendment issues, be assured that I will have your views in mind should gun legislation come before the House.


Lamar Smith
Member of Congress