Colorado Legislature to Consider “14 to 20” Gun Control Bills

There’s a press release from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that is sounding the alarm for residents of Colorado. With Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California and others already facing new firearms related legislation, Colorado seems to be the next on the list to start considering more restrictive firearms regulations. BTW, this is the same state that now has a “back door” 8-day waiting period thanks to their version of NICS being too slow to process all the background checks.

From the CCRKBA:

We can expect 14 to 20 anti-gun bills. The current Democrat package includes:

  • A ban on an undetermined number of semi-automatic firearms (No grandfather clause)
  • A ban on magazines of over ten rounds (No grandfather clause).
  • Making an individual with a violent misdemeanor a “prohibited person” re: gun ownership.
  • A ban on private sales by requiring universal background checks.
  • A waiting period on background checks that will kill gun shows.
  • Rollback of concealed carry on college campuses.
  • More strict enforcement of gun confiscation related to restraining orders
  • Wider use of mental health treatment information for gun control purposes

Published reports indicate that rabid, anti-gun, millionaire, New York City Mayor Bloomberg is sending a well funded team to Colorado to push gun control.

Remind me why Michael Bloomberg cares about Colorado? Shouldn’t he be worried about stopping the daily homicides in his own city before branching out? Or perhaps there’s still a 24 ounce drink cup he hasn’t banned yet?

As a note to those looking for a change of scenery, I’d just like to note that the Texas legislature isn’t considering a single gun control measure at this moment. Well, there’s something about requiring hotels to post their firearms policy, but I wouldn’t count that.