CNN Reporting Sneak Peek on Tomorrow’s Presidential Proposals for Gun Control

CNN is reporting that the following initiatives will be on the President’s lips tomorrow when he talks about his wish list for gun control on the Federal level:

  • “High Capacity” (10+) magazine ban
  • Background check for ALL firearms sales, including increased focus on mental health
  • Assault Weapons Ban
  • Increased funding for mental health initiatives
  • School safety initiatives

The CNN guys are thinking that a couple of these can be done by executive order (like the background checks), but the majority will need to be done through legislation. Which means Congress gets involved.

Democrats have already been downplaying the possibility of a federal assault weapons ban, which means that it has absolutely zero chance of passing in tact. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to sneak some provisions into other bills, though.

However, the pundits were hopeful that a 10 round magazine cap would be implemented through legislation. Which means that gun owners haven’t browbeaten our Republican members of congress enough. Get on that.