Brownell’s Selectively Filling Magazine Backorders?

Brownell’s is one of the major online retailers for firearms gubbins, much like MidwayUSA or (at least until recently) CheaperThanDirt!. During the Great Gun Panic of 2013, all of these retailers have been overwhelmed with orders for PMAGs and other 30 round AR-15 magazines, and many customers have been placed on backorder lists. The assumption when the orders were placed was that they would be filled on a “first come, first served” basis. But based on a rather angry thread on Arfcom, it looks like that might not be proceeding quite as planned. The result? Yet another hilarious Downfall spoof video. BTW, it’s one of my favorite WWII movies ever. The original, not the spoof. Although this is a chucklefest.