Biden: Executive Orders Will Only Provide Guidelines Within Existing Laws, No New Regulations

Vice President Joe Biden has already started leaking his recommendations to the president ahead of Tuesday’s press conference. His proposals are expected to include a “high cap” mag ban, a ban on the sale of “weapons of war” (a.k.a., “assault weapons”) and other unconstitutional ideas. The executive orders mentioned by his boss on Monday appear to only address stricter enforcement of existing laws, such as tightening the definition of “sporting purpose” for imported rifles and shotguns. So it might be time to fold up the tin foil hats. For now. Here’s the word from one Democrat talking about his meeting with Biden . . .

It was all focusing on enforcing existing law, administering things like improving the background database, things like that that do not involve a change in the law but enforcing and making sure that the present law is administered as well as possible.

[via Politico]

And you know what? I’m kinda OK with that. If that is actually the extent of the executive orders, that is. Enforcing existing laws before passing new ones is always a good idea.

Something that might also be on the table for executive order: the expansion of the existing mandatory reporting of multiple long gun purchases along the border. Created by Executive Order when the standard “consultation” period didn’t go the Administration’s way.

I could totally see the Admin directing the ATF to require notification from FFL holders anytime something they define as an “assault weapon” is transferred. That I’m not so OK with, being a loophole designed to get around the FOPA embargo on firearms registries.

The focus for the current slew of gun control measures: DO SOMETHING. Pass new laws of implement new EOs as quickly as possible, so politicians won’t be pressured by little annoying things like their constituents calling them and telling them how dumb an idea new gun control laws are.

As in the health care debate, the Administration isn’t bothered by what the majority of Americans want, only what Obama Boyz feel is needed—for their own good. Think a parent forcing a child to take its medicine.

Understandably, the Obama Administration is hesitant to actually bring anything to a real vote or have any debate on the issues. Because they know that the longer the process takes the more voters will understand the issues. And if voters think about the issues of armed self-defense and civilian disarmament, gun control loses.