Because You Asked for It: Tavor Rifle and Conversion Kit

One of the more requested items we received was more information on the Tavor rifle and conversion kits. The nice thing about the rifle is that, if anything, it’s even easier to convert than the AR-15. All you need is a new bolt, barrel and magazine well adapter and you’re good to go. At the moment, IWI is planning on bringing two conversions to U.S. shores, a 9mm kit and a 5.45 kit. As for availability? . . .

For the rifle, they’re looking at March to have them shipping to distributors and on the shelves. The first conversion kit that will be available will be the 9mm and will be coming online in about 1 to 2 months. Magazines look like Sten mags, but are proprietary.

Then, around mid-summer, the 5.45 conversion will be available for you to finally use up those spam cans of Russian manufactured ammo you have sitting around.