Ask Foghorn: Should I Send In my ATF Form (1/3/4) Now, or Wait for the Post-Sandy Hook Debacle to Blow Over?

boardsnbikes writes:

Considering the great fluctuations in gun policy we may see in the near future, should I delay my NFA SBR application or would it be better to get it in ASAP? Just curious about your and other TTAG readers opinions.

No, you should do the exact opposite. You should send in your forms ASAP.

Right now, the ATF is absolutely 100% overloaded. Not only do they currently have about a 6 month wait for paperwork processing, but they are getting in more forms every single day than they send out. Which means the backlog is getting bigger and bigger.

Especially following the Sandy Hook shooting and everything that is going on politically right now, the volume is much more than usual. Which means that every day you delay sending in your forms is probably two days that you add to your total wait time.

So, in other words, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you wait any longer. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

In terms of gun policy changes, either one of two things will happen if NFA rules ever change. Either the entire queue will be processed if your check has cleared (and any past that date will be rejected), or they will refund your tax payment and return your forms.

But, in reality, I don’t see any changes to the NFA being likely right now. All of the focus is on the evil black rifles, not NFA devices. Which I’m fairly certain the “gun control advocates” have no idea exists, to be quite frank. I’d be honestly surprised if you asked Michael Bloomberg what the NFA is and was greeted by anything other than a smile and a vacant stare. So I wouldn’t be concerned.

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