Why Worry? It Could Never Happen Here

Dustin R. writes:

I just found your sight recently and love it. I’ve been shooting all my life, and recently went from being a FUDD to being, well, whatever I am. I have been a contractor overseas for many years in the Middle East and currently work in the defense industry here at home. I’m writing because I see recent events being touted as the worst massacre in modern US history by those that would disarm us. I know everyone has their own opinions of a recent event but has anyone considered that . . .

On April 9, 1993, agents of the ATF and FBI were responsible whether by action or inaction of the deaths of 67 people at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. I know, “they were all nutjobs.” Well my response is “won’t someone think of the children?” I say that because of those 67 who died, 24 were children, 2 of whom were unborn.

Sixty-seven people died in order to arrest one man, at their church. I hear that people don’t believe its a church or a religion. Honestly if Scientology is considered a religion then so was whatever they were.

Just my opinion, others may vary. But thought you guys might find this information useful in the war on our rights for those that say “why do you need these things?” or “we would never need to defend ourselves from the government.” While the details around the events at Waco are cloudy at best, the results are not very far off from our worst nightmare.