Quote of the Day: Unconducive to Progress Edition

“A number of the anti-gun provisions make no sense. Take the limit on high-capacity magazine clips. The president wants a limit of 10 rounds. Maybe gun owners want 70. So they compromise at 25. Does this make mass shootings less deadly? A deranged shooter might instead wear a holster for easy access to additional weapons, or he might just switch out an empty magazine for a full one, which takes a few seconds. And what about all the high-capacity clips out there already? Would it take 10 years or 100 to get rid of them? It is the lack of common sense in these measures (which seem to come from people who know very little about fighting crime or about guns) and willingness to paint opponents as irresponsible or anti-child that is so grating, not to mention unconducive to progress.” – Jennifer Rubin in Guns or butter? We can’t afford either [courtesy washingtonpost.com]