Question of the Day: What Will You Do When They Knock on Your Door?


Reader Thomas M. write:

I’m a 24 year old young professional and staunchly libertarian. I grew up in Brooklyn & Northern New Jersey. I come from a very strict anti-gun family and most of my friends fall into the category of “I don’t care, is the mall open yet?” My mother’s boyfriend would probably sign up in some way to help confiscate firearms if he ever got the chance. My mom is a school teacher in New Jersey and, well I won’t continue because it’s depressing me.  Needless to say, the three hand guns I own are an anomaly given my geographical location and family associations.  I have a serious question for you, one that I think about very often. Even more often, considering recent events after Sandy Hook Elementary . . .

What would you [the collective “you”] do if you live in New Jersey or New York or CT or Illinois and — assuming DiFi’s bill is passed — all your guns become illegal? You’ve registered them (because you obey the law) and then five years later, another fool shoots up a crowd of people and the predictable reaction is to ban all the guns. The knock at the door comes and its the state police in full body armor ready with UMP automatics and they are there to relieve you of your firearms.

What do you do? Do you fight? Do you surrender your firearms? Do you force them to arrest you? What?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer. Maybe there is no answer.

At that point, is the fight lost? Does the real battle occur in the hearts and minds of the voting public? Does the real battle start with a keyboard and cell phone at the dinner table?

I wanted your two cents.

Yours In liberty,

Thomas M.