Punching Back Twice as Hard

By Tman

The much-anticipated Obama/Biden presser this morning—which delivered a suppressor-like effect on the floor of the SHOT show—was more of a squib than the full-frontal assault on our Second Amendment rights that many had feared. It was classic Obama, slathering on the ideological lard aided by some stupid props. This time, a bunch of kids.  But ultimately it was another lead-from-behind effort from the president that, when all is said and done, dropped an enormous turd onto Democrats and RINOs in the House and Senate. That’s where all of you good folks come into the picture . . .

First, about those “executive orders” BHO issued. It’s a mix and match mashup of the mildly OK, the utterly unenforceable, the mind-dumbingly redundant with a soupcon of the the politically obtuse sprinkled in. Case in point: #9 (aka requiring crime gun tracing by the feds) . . . can you say, “Fast and Furious.” I knew that you could. Unless Obama has something more up his sleeve, this was largely a means to puff out his chest feathers so he can get back to the matters he cares about most. And the VP can, thankfully, get back to his day job, too.

Now, about that AWB and those “high capacity magazine clips,” as the president so knowledgeably refers to them. Despite all the gun grabber tub thumping, the political reality is already starting to seep in, even among legislative wunderkind like Carolyn “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” McCarthy and  Harry “A-Rated” Reid.  The chances of a House bill making it out of committee are, well, as Mr. Farago might put it, about as good as Tereza Otahailikova prancing the aisles of the SHOT show in nothing but a Dianne Feinstein mask. The odds are definitely stronger for a Senate bill making it to a floor vote, but Reid may arrange that just to create an opportunity for political grandstanding by some senators preening for their secure base constituents.

And that’s where you come in.

A whole bunch of Congress’ Finest would like nothing more than to see the whole thing go away very, very quickly. So let’s give them a helping hand. If you haven’t already, put the heat on your representative and senators – don’t just rely on the NRA and other pro-gun groups to do the heavy lifting. Make sure they know it will be politically expensive for them to come out in support of any kind of gun control. The magazine-capacity issue will likely pop up as a “reasonable compromise.” Make sure you let your reps know how idiotic that really is—and that you’ll remember, remember on the 4th of November.

For simple instructions on how to contact your reps as well as cut-and-paste copy that you’re free to use, see this earlier article.  It only takes a few minutes. And it’s fun, too!