One Immigrant’s View of the Right to Self Defense

A German immigrant, now a US citizen, noted a few choice Teutonic-sounding gems sprinkled into TTAG’s content. There’s not much difference between Yiddish and German, so it’s easy to see how he thought TTAG might have a Deutschlander or German-speaking scribe on staff. Be that as it may, he relates his experiences in both the fatherland and the land of the free:

Just wanted to see if there were some fellow pro-2A German Americans on your writing staff. In my experience with my parents that migrated to the US along with myself 20 years ago, my pro 2A opinions, more often than not, clash with theirs. While I grew up in Germany until I was 17, in my heart I am an American now. I was never proud of Germany or being German. I didn’t know how to be. I didn’t learn patriotism until I came to the States. It was a totally foreign concept to me, something you read in school books but didn’t quite understand . . .

Despite that, moving to the US was the best thing that happened to me financially, career and success wise. The fact that I am actually capable of being proud of my country — proud to be an American — is something that no job, house or bank account can even come close to.

Having grown up in a more socialist, more controlled, less free and sheepish society, it provides me with a unique perspective at times. I have personally seen and experienced the results of some of the policies that have been proposed here recently, both the good and the bad.

When it comes to firearms and freedoms, one thing always stands out to me: I no longer have run away from some wannabe neo-nazi gangs looking for a victim for their means of entertainment. Too many friends got to “eat curb” or were shaved bald by force.

I was never hurt myself. I guess I was lucky that I was able to run fast enough, but the anguish, the terror, the sensation of tyranny is so vivid in my mind that I consider myself privileged to now experience the right to defend my life and freedom. I know I’m not telling you anything new, but never ever consider giving an inch to anyone wanting to step on your rights or freedoms. You do not want your children and grandchildren growing up with the normalcy of running away from tyrants.

I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and entertained via this great website.