OMG! It’s a Baby! And a Gun! A BB Gun! OMG!

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a wanna-be gangsta. Domonic Gaines is apparently proud of two things: his baby daughter, Paradise, and his gun. Well, his BB gun, actually. Anyway, Dom thought he’d establish a little street cred by posing for a pic with the tyke and the pistol, then posting the pic on his MyFace page. His wife’s mom, though, is technologically adept enough to have seen the pic and was less than amused. Alarmed for the safety of her granddaughter, she called the local 5-0 and now Gaines is facing child endangerment charges. We’d love to show you the offending pic, but haven’t been able to locate it. Nor were the sleuths at “‘It’s really been blown out of proportion,’ said Gaines’ father, Wilson Dykes.” We don’t know how the criminal case will go, but can imagine that Thanksgiving dinner at the Gaines house may be a little awkward this year.