News Flash: Zombies are Dead

Other than a few bleeding targets (which were too frozen to show much flow) at Media Day on Monday, what you see above is pretty much the extent of SHOT Show zombification this year. It seems the plague has largely passed. Or maybe gun owners have more¬†real, tangible and immediate threats they’re worried about these days. Just a thought.

35 Responses to News Flash: Zombies are Dead

  1. avatarWyndage says:

    One can hope…

  2. avatarPaul says:

    The zombies are all in the White House.

  3. avatarDaniel says:

    Thank God for the 2nd amendment: We have successfully slain all zombies. Now we move on to the next problem: Politicians.
    …You know. Without the guns.

  4. avatarSilver says:

    There’s no greater antidote to the fun of pretend fear than the realization that reality contains so much more to be fearful of.

  5. avatarAharon says:

    Compared to politicians, I really like zombies, vampires, and evil alien creatures that gestate inside the human body.

    • avatarWilliam says:

      Vampires are WAY too manipulative for my taste. Zombies are honest and strait-forward. (Isn’t “straitforward” a legit word? My spellcheck screamed at the sight of it; but then, it screamed at “spellcheck” also.) Spellcheck is like a sixth-grade English teacher.

      • avatarMr aNINNYmouse says:


        ‘strait’ and ‘straight’

        (sorry to sound like I’m correcting grammar/spelling)

        • avatarWilliam says:

          OOOPS. Good catch. Thanks. My spellcheck DOES alert on some perfectly good words, such as “spellcheck”.

  6. avatarBrian S says:

    I though the whole marketing of zombie crap would be a lot more dangerous to the image of gun owners in america than it’s been so far. Frankly I’m suprised the MSM hasn’t been demonizing it to push their agenda’s. Glad it seems to be passing.

    • avatarPT77 says:

      +1 I have been waiting on the gun banners to play the zombie card too, they still might.

    • avatarSwarf says:

      Yeah, the Zombie ammo was especially cringe-worthy.

    • avatarscottlac says:

      + Another.

      • avatarMashashin says:

        I like the zombie ammo everyone locally thought it was gimmicky and never bought it so it went on sale at the beginning of December and I bought a lot of it for cheap and just traded a few cases of the 223 for a lever gun in 44 mag

        • avatarJeff the Griz says:

          good trade lol, I actually like the z max, its just critical defense with a green tip instead of the reddish orange. I scored a box of 9mm in FMJ today first I found in 2 weeks that wasnt z max, problem is that the z-max I found was $34 wayyyyy toooo much.

        • avatarWilliam says:

          Yeah… it’s just marketing. We shouldn’t get overly upset over it.

          Besides, you never know. The zombies might arise after all. You never know WHAT they might be cooking up in Level 4 biolabs.

  7. avatarMike in NC says:

    Finally! Some GOOD news!

  8. avatarMr aNINNYmouse says:

    About time.
    Stupid product line.
    It may have introduced new people to guns, but it also introduced a dehumanizing element to gun owner’s responsibility.

    I guess poor Hornady will have to raise the prices of their ammo to make up for the losses….

    • avatarDavid W. says:

      Or just put green tipped bullets with their normal bullets.. They were the same thing just more expensive.

      • avatarMatt in FL says:

        In my experience, I was actually getting the Zombie green ammo for .50 to $1 cheaper per box than the identical-except-for-color Critical Defense that I normally carry. At worst it was on par.

        That was before all the recent BS, of course, but I’m pretty sure I never saw it more expensive than regular.

    • avatarWilliam says:

      Zombies are, by definition, “dehumanized”. Just sayin’.

  9. avatartron says:

    Finally. I will admit to buying one box of zombie max ammo for the lulz though

  10. avatarRalph says:

    What? No more puke green? I’m so sad.

  11. avatartron says:

    Finally. I will admit to buying one box of zombie max ammo for laughs

  12. avatarPhil says:

    I feel bad for that guy, sitting all alone.

  13. avatarTangledThorns says:

    I don’t think the zombie craze is entirely over. Crossbow sales are up and its probably because of Walking Dead’s Daryl character.

  14. avatarCtay says:

    As much as I’ve enjoyed zombie flicks, books and such, I’m glad the whole fascination with them in the firearms market is coming to an end. Just makes gun owners look childish IMO. Leave that stuff to the Airsoft/Paintball crowd.

  15. avatarChuck in IL says:

    Good. It was completely out of control.

  16. avatarBen says:

    Yeah, I like zombie flicks but I felt like these zombie products trivialized the serious responsibility that gun owners have. Plus, they were kind of tacky.

  17. avatarmiforest says:

    I never it this anyway.

  18. avatarChris Dumm says:

    I was so sick of zombies I could puke. I’m feeling much better now.

  19. avatarensitu says:

    I hjaz never and will never bend to the Zombie Fad.
    “43 grn VX @300 yards turns em pinkish grey” great comment from a kid unaffected by his computer games

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