New From Taylors and Co.: ‘Deluxed’ Uberti Smoke Wagon Revolver

You into cowboy action shooting? Me neither. But you don’t have to be to appreciate this beauty. Uberti makes plenty of offerings to tote when your spurs go jingle jangle jingle. And Taylors and Co. sells em. No biggie there. But what’s worthy of note are the Ubertis that Taylors’ smithies work on to make them Deluxe. That’s the Smoke Wagon single action six shooter, above, that’s had the full Deluxification job done to it: trigger job, hammer job, polished internals and a new handspring. I played with a standard revolver as well as a Deluxe gun and can tell you that there’s a world of difference in the feel after Taylors has done their thing. And given the level of upgrade, the added cost isn’t bad. A standard Smoke Wagon in .357, .44-40 or .45 LC runs $540. The ‘Deluxed’ model is $640. Yeeeee haaaaaaa!

13 Responses to New From Taylors and Co.: ‘Deluxed’ Uberti Smoke Wagon Revolver

  1. avatarBilly says:

    I want one in .357 please…

  2. avatarBrian S says:

    legal in NY for limited time only!

  3. avatarjwm says:

    When last I checked, single action revolvers were exempt from California’s assinine handgun roster. I see Uberti’s at the lgs quite often. They are handsome guns. The last time I shot one that belonged to a friend was in the .45 colt caliber. The gun and cartridge work well together.

  4. avatarKKB says:

    You misspelled Uberti. Other than that, neat gun. ;)

  5. avatarMark N. says:

    The last Uberti I picked up (in .357 mag) was slick as snot. Most of what you feel is the lighter handspring. The internals on these guns are nearly nonexistent, mostly just the hamme and trigger and a couple of springs. Smooth out the sear, polish the hammer, and the difference is amazing. And pretty easy to do unless there is a cylinder lock issue.

  6. avatarO.E says:

    You can feed these beasts till the cows come home, good bye to the gunshop queues hello to the hardware & chemist store queues.

  7. avatarPaul W. says:

    I really love revolvers. I just wish they didn’t print so much for CC–makes it hard to justify them :(

  8. avatarMr Smith says:

    Honestly, I’m tired of back orders on stuff, and the background checks, I’m seriously thinking about cap and ball. Some of these guns are pretty sweet.

  9. avatarSGC says:

    Had one long ago, would love to have one again. Nice…

  10. avatarSilver says:

    “Skin that smokewagon and see what happens!”

  11. avatarChris Dumm says:

    Joe Grine has a couple of Uberti rifles, and they’re just breathtaking. I’d pick up one of these in a heartbeat, but my Cowboy jones is already taken care of with my Blackhawk and a couple of lever guns.

  12. avatarMr. Bob says:

    Beautiful, but I already have a hundred year old Colt that shoots 32-20.

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