New From Taylors and Co.: ‘Deluxed’ Uberti Smoke Wagon Revolver

You into cowboy action shooting? Me neither. But you don’t have to be to appreciate this beauty. Uberti makes plenty of offerings to tote when your spurs go jingle jangle jingle. And Taylors and Co. sells em. No biggie there. But what’s worthy of note are the Ubertis that Taylors’ smithies work on to make them Deluxe. That’s the Smoke Wagon single action six shooter, above, that’s had the full Deluxification job done to it: trigger job, hammer job, polished internals and a new handspring. I played with a standard revolver as well as a Deluxe gun and can tell you that there’s a world of difference in the feel after Taylors has done their thing. And given the level of upgrade, the added cost isn’t bad. A standard Smoke Wagon in .357, .44-40 or .45 LC runs $540. The ‘Deluxed’ model is $640. Yeeeee haaaaaaa!