New from Stack-On: Tactical Steel Security Cabinet

Part of having guns is storing them. Responsibly. And Stack-On has just the solution(s) for you. New this year . . . tactical storage! Wait, what? That’s right Bunky, they have a new tactical safe and gun cabinet. Above is their new Tactical Steel Security Cabinet (which closes with a key, as opposed to a full-blown, fireproof safe with combo lock). It’s user-configurable, but in the standard set-up above, it’ll hold seven long guns on the left side. The center section has two extended barrel rests to hold two tactical guns (with mags attached). And then you can cram the right side and top shelf with all the pistols and ammo your little heart desires. There’s also that on-door meshy pouchy thing. Oh, and it’s Cali DOJ-approved, too. Price: not bad. The TSSC will retail for about $300.