New from Ruger: SR45 and SR1911CMD

Ruger’s expanding their SR line of plastic fantastics, adding a .45 to go along with their parabellum and fo-tay guns. Pretty much the same as the earlier two, the SR45 big boy is striker-fired with night sights and a length of rail for suspending your favorite accessories. MSRP: $529. They’re also dropping a commander-sized 1911, the SR1911CMD. Think full-size SR1911 that was left in the dryer a little longer. MSRP: same as the un-shrunk SR1911, $829. And our not-so-benevolent wanna-be overlords will be pleased to hear that the SR45 is a 10+1 configuration while the SR1911CMD holds 7+1. Not that they wouldn’t love to outlaw both of these, too. Just sayin’.