New from KRISS: Vector in .22LR

Did you jump on the .22 AR bandwagon? Some did figuring it’s a great way to train while keeping the cost down. Some didn’t figuring a .22 AR is just too different from its 5.56 big brother to make training with one much of a benefit. KRISS is after those in the former camp. If you own one chambered in .45 ACP, you’re laying out a lot of samolians right now to feed it. IF, that is, you can find the ammo at all. Press release after the jump . . .

KRISS® Arms, the Swiss global leader in firearms innovation, is excited to announce that it will design and manufacture the KRISS Vector in .22LR. The Vector .22LR is the ideal platform for users desiring to maintain shooting skills with minimal cost.

With the rising price of .45 ACP ammunition, KRISS has developed the Vector .22LR to be a low-cost alternative to the Vector .45 ACP. The Vector .22LR retains the same external design and fire controls as the original Vector, but utilizes a special bolt system that reliably feeds and cycles various .22LR ammunition.

The Vector .22LR will be available in both Carbine and SDP (Special Duty Pistol) configurations and released in 4th quarter of 2013. Pricing will be announced soon.