It’s Time to Get Involved

By Tman

Over the past few weeks, readers of TTAG and the rest of the gunosphere have been given a wealth of valuable information about the Second Amendment and the assault on their rights being waged by Democrats in Congress—as well as a few weak-kneed Republicans—who are working in concert with the Obama administration. It’s understandable that many if not most of us would rather just be left alone. We’re all busy with our lives. But increasingly, the left in this country . . .

. . . does not want to leave you alone, and does not want to leave our freedoms intact. This is a time—perhaps even an inflection point in our nation’s history—when it’s critical for anyone who cares about our constitutional rights to get involved—now.  Use the voice that the Founders gave you in the First Amendment to protect the Second. While it might seem like too much hassle or even intimidating, contacting your representatives in Congress to express your views can make a real difference in this fight. It will probably take 15 to 30 minutes of your time. This is a very small price to pay compared to the blood and tears spilled throughout this nation’s history to win the freedoms that we enjoy.

To make it easier, here’s a guide with links and some text that is yours to use. Just copy and paste, then either phone it in or email it. You are free to edit or add your own words, of course, but please remember to keep it civil.

If you want to do more than just contacting your own congressman and senators, the letter is followed by a list of Democrat senators who are up for re-election in 2014. Thanks to some handicapping by conservative blogger Moe Lane, their current re-election prospects are listed next to their names. Even if they’re not from your state, you can let them know that an anti-gun vote may mean more money or other resources sent to their opponents in 2014.


Text to copy/paste:

Dear Congressman XXXXXXX / Dear Senator XXXXXXX:

I am contacting you regarding the current proposals in the Senate and House that would restrict firearms and related accessories. I request in the strongest terms possible that you vote NO on any and all versions of these bills. Below I’ve listed the core reasons for the legislation cited by the sponsors, including Senator Feinstein and Representative DeGette, and my responses:

  • The legislation claims that bans and/or severe restrictions on semi-automatic rifles (“assault” rifles) will help prevent events like Sandy Hook and Aurora. This is false. Despite the highly selective use of statistics by Sen. Feinstein, Reps. McCarthy and DeGette, and other gun control advocates, the previous automatic weapons ban did not have any measurable effect on gun-related crimes. Moreover, perpetrators of mass murders are always deranged, or criminals, or terrorists. They will find the means to kill regardless of any bans you may vote for. Adam Lanza was a mentally unstable man who happened to use an AR-15. He did not carry out his heinous act because had an AR-15. All these bans do is make it harder for law-abiding citizens to use firearms of their choosing, whether for personal defense, sports like target or competitive shooting, or hunting.
  • The legislation claims that limiting or banning highcapacity magazines and features such as pistol grips will prevent events like Sandy Hook and Aurora.  No, it will not. Attempts to ban high-capacity magazines or to isolate cosmetic features of guns reveal how intellectually bankrupt gun control advocates have become. It is ludicrous to claim that reducing magazine capacity by, say, 10 rounds or banning pistol grips is going to stop or even slow down a malevolent person intent on committing a crime.  In the worst mass killing at a school in U.S. history (Bath Township Michigan), the murderer used dynamite. All these bans do is intrude on on law-abiding gun owners who want and use these features for lawful activities.
  • This legislation and its sponsors claim to respect the Second Amendment rights of individuals. No, they do not.  The Second Amendment doesn’t dictate what kinds of firearms are acceptable, or describe what firearms should look like. It doesn’t say anything about hunting, or how much ammo citizens can carry.  If you think this is what the Second Amendment says, then please reread it. Carefully. There are many people in this country who do not like guns, and quite often, do not like people who own guns. That is their prerogative. But it is not their right to gnaw around the edges of the Second Amendment—a bulwark of this nation’s greatness—with legislation like the bills currently making the rounds. To anyone with a fair and open mind, these bills are nothing more than tactics that have been tried, and have repeatedly failed, in a long-term battle to strip us of an essential constitutional right.

I hope you will read and carefully consider this as Congress moves towards a vote on the pending anti-gun rights legislation. Many, many Second Amendment supporters, including me, will be watching your vote. We will remember it during the next election.


[your name]

[optional: city / street address / phone#]


To contact your representatives in Congress:

If you are unsure who your congressman is, use this link:

Then simply do a search for their name to find their website, main email, and local phone number(s).

To contact your U.S. senator, use this link:

Most or all of the listings provided in this site should provide you with links to the senators’ respective home pages.


Here is a list of Democratic senators up for re-election in 2014, including ones facing some level of risk of losing to strong opponents. These senators, who may be more receptive to hearing from gun rights supporters, are highlighted in bold. (For more details, read Moe Lane’s article.) If you live in any of the states listed, it’s important to let them know you are constituent. If you do not live in the state, send a note anyway, letting them know that a vote to restrict your gun rights will lead to a monetary contribution to their opponent’s campaign.



Risk of losing seat in 2014

Alaska Mark Begich Serious risk
Arkansas Mark Pryor Some risk
Colorado Mark Udall Some risk
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Serious risk
Massachusetts John Kerry Risk for Dems only if he vacates to become Sec. of State
Michigan Carl Levin Low risk
Minnesota Al Franken Serious risk
Montana Max Baucus Some risk
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Some risk
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Risk for Dems only if he chooses not to run
New Mexico Tom Udall Low risk
North Carolina Kay Hagan Serious risk
Oregon Jeff Merkley Some risk
South Dakota Tim Johnson Serious risk
Virginia Mark Warner Low risk
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Low risk