It Should Have Been a DGU: Nature Calls Edition

“Police are looking for the suspects who shot longtime Eisenhower High School basketball coach Steve Johnson at a park in San Bernardino. Authorities say the 47-year-old coach was on his way to get gas on Monday when he stopped at Seccombe Lake to use a restroom.” You wouldn’t think you’d need a gun to answer nature’s call. Then again, you never know when you’ll be attacked by three yoots who want your wallet. Despite being shot “several times in the upper torso”, reports that “Johnson was able to drive himself to the police department. He was taken from there via ambulance to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.” Of course, Johnson lives in California where your ability to get a concealed carry license depends on the attitude of your local law enforcement authorities. Living in the L.A. area, his chances of getting a permit were roughly that of being shot while taking a leak. Oh. Wait.