eBay Bans “Assault Weapon” Components

Reader Robert sends the following:

I tried to post an ad for a Magpul magazine and got this back after the listing was online for 15 minutes:


Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following: . . .

You listed a magazine for an assault weapon. We’ve implemented our policy due to the complex and varied regulations governing the sale of firearms. Something that is legal in one jurisdiction may be illegal in another. To prevent members from inadvertently violating a firearms law, we have banned listings for all parts and accessories related to assault weapons. Also, we do not allow magazines with a round capacity greater than 10 to be listed. I realize that you may not have been aware of this policy and we ask that you not relist this item.

Because of various laws and regulations on the sale of assault weapons and parts and accessories for assault weapons, we don’t allow selling these items on eBay.

But you can list accessories that would fit a variety of different weapons, such as scopes, sites, and shoulder straps. If you do sell these items, you can’t mention assault weapons in your listing.

Keep in mind that any listing for an item that’s described as a part or an accessory for an assault weapon will be removed. Even if an item doesn’t attach to an assault weapon, you still can’t list it on eBay.

Here’s more information on our policy:


All fees related to this listing have been credited to your account. We also notified members who placed bids on the item that the listing has been canceled.

Please note: violation of this or other eBay policies may result in forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings, limits on account privileges and account suspension.

You can review our list of prohibited and restricted items here:


If you have any more questions, contact our policy experts. Get started by clicking the link below.


We appreciate your understanding.


I also did a search, and sure enough – only 10 round magazines are available now….

Best regards,